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I live in Oslo, Norway, with my fiancée Isabel and our cat, António Tuba.

I am a professional software developer specializing in computer graphics (both 2D and 3D).  I graduated from NTNU (formerly NTH) in 1996, majoring in program systems.  My thesis developed techniques for rapid visualization of medical ultrasound data.

My employer is Technoguide AS, where I take part in the development of Petrel.

My private mail address is  For further contact information, please send a mail.

I have my brother, Frank, around somewhere... ah, here he is... :-)

Personal projects


A freeware, lightweight mail checker, notifier and browser for Windows 95/98 and NT.  It is the most efficient way possible to scan and read your incoming mail.  Try it, and you'll wonder how you've survived until now.

The BBC Lives!

The largest site on the web dedicated to the continued support for Acorn's 8-bit micros, specifically the BBC.  It has loads of documentation, information on emulators for most platforms, a huge software archive, utilities for file transfer and conversion, pictures, game manuals and solutions, and links to an increasing number of other BBC sites on the web.


Ever since one weekend in the early eighties my father brought from work an ABC-80, I was hooked on computers. I learnt Business BASIC on Data General mainframes, played with the 4GL Mapper on Sperry/UNISYS machines, discovered structured programming with BBC BASIC, did the GW-BASIC, Turbo Pascal, machine code, C and C++ ladder on a portable Bondwell B8 with a CGA LCD and only one 720 KB floppy drive. Over the years, I haven't produced all that much, but have steadily gained knowledge and experience in the fields of algorithms and data structures, especially as applied to computer graphics. Click the link above to learn more if you're not bored already.

Recommended visits

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Opera!  The browser that was made for you!If you're interested in an alternative to Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator, follow the link to Opera Software.  It does to the speed of your web surfing what TrayPOP does to your mail reading, only even better.  It now supports Java, but it's not free (though still cheap for what you get).

Got an obsession with old PC games? Wondering if the developer of your favourite game wrote anything else worth your while? On the lookout for games that support your old Hercules graphics card? Check out mobygames. Were you in the PC "scene"? Do you have bootable PC games in the attic? has stuff for you, like Tand-Em (a Tandy PC emulator) and Flopper (runs bootable games from DOS). There are also loads of PC Remakes of classic games.

Did you spend a fortune in quarters playing games at your local arcade? Check out MAME.

Interested in accessing your workstation from anywhere in the world, working with it as if you were sitting right in front of it?  Try the free VNC from AT&T.

Interested in native Win32 versions of your familiar UNIX tools, like grep, ls, awk, sed, and your favourite shell?  Interested in porting UNIX software to Win32?  Have a look at the free cygwin project from Cygnus.

Interested in a real, free operating system?  Try Linux.

This page is optimized for Lynx. Not that I'm an avid Lynx user, but I'm a great fan of the philosophy and ideas behind it.  Besides Lynx is free.

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If you still have time to spare, go read The Onion.