The BBC Microcomputer, manufactured by Acorn Computers Limited, was commissioned by the BBC as part of its Computer Literacy Project. As such the machine is an educational tool, which is capable of being expanded into a very sophisticated computer with computational powers to rival those of present day mini-computers.

As with any complex machine it makes sense to understand something of how it works, what goes where and how to obtain the best from it. A computer is no different and a working knowledge of the internal functions and layout will boost your confidence in computing.

This Hardware Guide delves inside the computer to reveal some of the many modifications, upgrades and circuit changes that can be performed. Some modifications only require extra components to be inserted whilst others require careful work with a soldering iron on the main printed circuit board. For those who prefer only to peek inside the lid, photographs and circuit layouts have been provided to identify the various integrated circuits and work areas on the main board. Some handy tips, such as getting rid of that annoying buzz found on many computers, introduce the beginner to electronics stimulating his or her interest in both spheres of activity.

For the more advanced reader, system fault finding, further expansion and the inclusion of manufacturers data sheets and detailed descriptions of complex circuitry make this manual a necessary adjunct to the existing publications available.


Below are the names and addresses of suppliers which are identified within the book by the following codes. These are given as examples to assist the reader, not as recommendations.

Code A:-
Acorn Computers Ltd.
Fulbourn Road, Cherry Hinton, Cambridge. CB1 4JN.
Tel:0223 245200

Code B:- W. Broady & Son Ltd.
English Street, Kingston-Upon-Hull. HU3 2DU.
Tel:0482 29894

Code F: -Farnell Electronic Components Ltd.
Canal Road, Leeds L512 2TU.
Tel: 0532 636311

Code RR:-
The Radio Resistor Co. Ltd.
St. Martins Way Industrial. Estate, Cambridge Road, Bedford. MK42 0LF.
Te1: 0234 47188

Code RS:-
RS Components Ltd. (TRADE ONLY)
P. O. Box 427,
13/17 Epworth Street, London.
Tel: 01 253 3040
01 250 3131

Code T:-
Technomatic Ltd.
17 Burnley Road, London.
NW10 1ED.
Tel: 01 452 l500
01 450 6597

Code W:-
Watford Electronics.
34/35 Cardiff Road,
Watford. Herts.
Tel: 0923 40588